New Gorilla Website Launched

Full of new features, carefully crafted and really damn fast

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Jakob Sievers CEO & Founder

March 1, 2023

Aaaaaand here it is, finally: our shiny new website! We put a lot of work into honing the details to provide you a really great experience.

Things we are most proud of:

  • Fully responsive —> Looks great on any screen, at any size!
  • Crazy fast —> Fully rendered on the server and served as static HTML. Huh? Nevermind. Just enjoy how fast it is. Zooooooooom!
  • Delightful details —> Have you noticed how the background slowly fades in? How it changes on every page refresh? The tiny UI animations and transitions? Even if you didn’t — we are proud of these little touches which subtly add up to the overall experience.
  • Apps pages —> Each Gorilla app has their own page now: Unikat, Automat, Bazaar. They are still in their very first version but this give us the opportunity to better showcase all the features and benefits over time.
  • News —> We integrated a news section. The very thing you are reading right now. Never miss anything important again, since we will always show the last few recent news directly on the front page!
  • Showcase —> We are curating our favorite projects built on Gorilla apps. Check it out! And most importantly: What will you build?
  • Support —> If you have any questions regarding our products, you can now browse FAQs and articles on (or contat us through) our brand new support page.
  • Meet the Troop —> And finally you can get to know us via the new about-us-page.

More to Come

Just stay tuned and see how we add more nice things over time. Thanks for reading this. And we really hope you enjoy our new website as much as we do ☻

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