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Introducing our new ”Innovations“ section

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Jakob Sievers CEO & Founder

February 12, 2024

Constantly exploring

We at Gorilla are working with bleeding-edge technology almost every day. At our daily business, to keep our existing products updated, and during regular innovation sprints, where we explore new possibilities. Sometimes these explorations — or experiments — from our ”lab“ turn into whole new products.

New section: Innovations

Since we plan to focus even more on innovations in the future, we added a dedicated section to our website: Innovations. From now on, this is where you’ll find announcements for new products and invitations to beta programs.

New section

Web3 Innovations, Fresh From Our Laboratory

Monerium Bridge

And since we are talking about innovation right now, let me tell you quickly about the latest product announcement: The Monerium Bridge. This custom Monerium-based middleware allows you to not only transfer money between bank accounts and Smart Contracts within seconds, but also to execute any functions on said Smart Contracts. Since our first introduction via LinkedIn we received a lot of positive feedback. Many people are excited about this! So — you guessed it — we added a post to our new innovations section:

Take the Monerium Shortcut

Quickly transfer money between bank accounts and Smart Contracts

Go check it out. You can sign up for the beta phase, starting now!

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