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Three Exciting AMA & Gorilla Product Demo Sessions Ahead

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Jakob Sievers CEO & Founder

March 8, 2023

We are excited to announce our upcoming ask-me-anything-sessions! There will be three live streams on YouTube and you have the chance to ask our founder Jakob your questions.

Meet Jakob, Claudia (and special guests)

Jakob partners up with Claudia. She is the CEO and founder of BeeTogether, a project that connects charities and NGOs/NPOs with the potential of web3. BeeTogether set up Gorilla Bazaars for several charities. These act as platforms for artists to sell their art as NFTs, so that both the organizations and the artists profit. We love what they did there — a real win-win!

So what to expect from these sessions? You basically tune in to Jakob and Claudia explaining in detail — and with real projects — how to use Gorilla’s apps to create, distribute and sell NFT collections. If you are planning on doing something similar, you should not miss this!

Oh and there is one more thing! We have invited some secret special guests from NEAR and Mintbase which we will announce later on. Wouldn’t want to miss this either!

1st Session: Unikat

Jakob will walk you through the super easy process of turning a couple of layers in Figma (a free layout and drawing software) into a full set of generated artworks, complete with rarity settings and auto-generated json-metadata! All done with our dead-simple one-click Figma plugin Unikat.

2nd Session: Automat

In this session, you will get a detailed demo on how to mint and list a whole NFT collection by just following Automat’s slick step-by-step UI. Until now, NFT projects had to employ their own developers to spin up their own solutions. So opening up this possibility as a public software solution is really exciting!

3rd Session: Bazaar

The final session is all about Bazaar, Gorilla’s most powerful product. You will learn how to set up your own NFT shop in just minutes. Jakob and Claudia will then show you how to tweak and customize it through Bazaar Studio, the awesome content management solution which offers you plenty of options in a truly easy-to-use manner.


  1. March 9th Unikat —> Stream on YouTube

  2. March 14th Automat —> Stream on YouTube

  3. March 20th Bazaar —> Stream on YouTube

See You Soon!

We are really excited to meet you at our upcoming sessions. And we are curious about your questions, too!

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